IQS week 1 

So week 1 is done, and it was pretty easy. This week was basically about gently easing into the whole thing and looking to replace sugary things if you can and paying attention to what I am eating. You know, if you want a coke have a water instead, and try to reduce the cakes, pastries etc.

As I’m mostly a savoury loving kinda gal I didn’t struggle too much (yet), but I did start to notice how many things outside of the “obvious” in your face sugars that I eat that may soon be eliminated (juice, burger buns, jam, cheese and onion crisps, low fat milk)! 

My love of shopping was also kept happy this week as I started to prepare by seeking out new (to me) ingredients that will replace some of the sweet things in my pantry. Hello coconut flakes and cacao! I also starred to replace some things with their sugar free alternates like 100% natural peanut butter.

Oh and I ate maccas and bought some really fancy chocolates (you know, the $3 each mouthful kind) this week and  I enjoyed them as kind of a last supper! 

It was a crazy week to begin as I was sick on the couch for half of it with a cough and cold so comfort foods beckoned (fortunately mums recipe chicken soup is sugar free!), and I got hardly any exercise, but as it’s such a gentle program to start with I managed. I’m interested to see what week 2 holds! 

Have you tried to quit sugar? 


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