And we begin again… warning: TMI alert!


 So I started my estrogen tablets three days ago and this means our second  journey towards getting pregnant has through IVF has officially begun!

When we had our first cycle, we ended up with two fantastic blastocysts (very early fertilized eggs just waiting for implantation into the uterus) and one of these became Rory and the other was put on ice.

Now it’s time to thaw that one out and hope it implants into me again. 

I hate how clinical that sounds! I am in my head already referring to this blasto as a “he” and thinking of it as Rorys non identical twin. This thinking while positive, is optimistic and I have to try to hold a little bit back in case it isn’t successful. That is incredibly hard to do.

The medication I’m on is 6 tablets a day of hormones designed to plump up my uterine lining to make it all cozy for the blasto. Remember when I said this was a easier cycle than a fully medicated one? Well I was half right. Easier than jabbing myself with needles and inhaling hormones yes, but easy on me? Not at all! It’s only been 3 days and my side effects include day long headaches, nausea, boob ache, back ache, and fatigue. And let’s not forget the mood swings! Hormones as we all know can be blamed for all sorts of things and in this case they make me have serous mood swings! Today alone I’ve cried 5 times! At tv shows, songs on the radio and nothing at all! Add in the irritability, hyperactive bursts and sudden anger and I’m probably a little less fun to be around!

But hopefully all these things settle down as my body once again gets used to the changes. 

Until then, wish me luck!


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