Secret women’s business

So the little miracle is almost 16 months old and plans are now well under way to try to make him a sibling.

We met last month with our FS at the IVF clinic to discuss the procedure for trying our frozen embryo asap and it’s all scheduled to kick off next cycle!

Tbh I was having a mini nervous breakdown prior to this meeting (freaking out phone calls to my sisters happened!) mostly about the fact that I was worried about having a safe full term pregnancy and was I tempting fate trying again? I even questioned did I really want another baby as I felt almost guilty about even trying, like I was cheating on Rory. 

Seeing the FS put all this to rest as I left his office feeling excited and eager exactly like I did before we conceived Rory and I realized that yes I did want all this and that I would be well looked after and managed as a high risk pregnancy, and that the Drs all think it shouldn’t happen again, though yes the risk of pre-eclampsia is still there now that I’ve had it once.

Believe me this is all more positive and optimistic than it sounds here but I maybe to someone who hasn’t been through this journey it might look like a risk I shouldn’t take.

Mike and I have talked and talked about this till we have no more words and we agree we will go with it!

So I’ve had blood tests, a Pap smear and ultrasounds (both inside and out!) which were as uncomfortable as always. In fact when the technician was moving the probe along my scar it really, really hurt! She said she could tell it had been an emergency c section and that there was a lot of scar tissue. This does not bode well for a pain free next pregnacy!

So as soon as the next time my monthly visitor pops her head in we are off back on meds and starting again! 


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