Not so wise wisdom tooth!


Have you ever had those moments where you actually felt like the adult you pretend to be most of the time? You know those times when you have to man up so to speak even though your inner child is shrieking and stamping her feet loudly on the floor?

I had one of those moments today that saw me in the dentists chair getting a wisdom tooth extracted.

When I say i have a phobia about dentists I’m not kidding. Not just a little discomfort but a full blown avoidance is the best medicine type phobia. 5 years of braces and a fear that began in primary school after being terrified from the horrible horse size needles used back when I was a child, and I’m now a 40 year old card carrying member of the I hate dentists club.

Until today. For the last 3 weeks my top wisdom tooth has been getting progressively more painful. It used to move and hurt once every 6 months and I could deal but the last few weeks have been a daily almost constant pain and toothache and I’ve begin self medicating every day. Now I knew the tooth had to come out soon as I’d sucked it up enough at the end of last year to go to the dentist for a consult, but I would have lived with it and put it off regardless, such is the strength of my fear.

But on Monday I finally get my frozen embryo transfer and in the spirit of positive thinking, I wanted to get this pain knocked on the head before I became PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise) and unable to take the necessary strong painkillers that have got me through.

So today after a quick crying meltdown and some pep talking from my mum I was in the chair getting numbed and having the tooth pulled. My dentist was lovely, considerate and gentle and he has gone a long way in taking away some of my anxiety.

Now, as I lay in bed with an aching jaw and an ice pack I’m proud of myself for my bravery and feel that today I passed the adult test.



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