I quit Sugar?…maybe…

So   I’m sure you’ve all heard about the I quit sugar bandwagon? Or IQS for us cool kids! 

The other day I bought the book and threw the question out to my IG friends about giving it a go. The answer has been a resounding yes and I’m thinking I will.

The basic premise as I understand it is to cut out then gradually reintroduce sugar at a healthy level to your body over an 8 week program. The book so far is easy to read, clear and seems to advocate a “try it and see how you go” stance, nothing too militant.

Let me be clear, I don’t diet and I don’t like labeling food only good or bad as its so easy to fall into the cycle of guilt if you eat a “bad” thing and conversely, labeling it bad can often make you (ok, me) want it more!

Having just learned I have a family history of diabetes and the desire to fall pregnant again soon has me looking at food in a new way. 

I’ll let you know how I go! 


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