I 💛 Dyson

A few months back while I was in Melbourne, I tagged along with my sensational blogger sister Maryanne of Domestic  Divinity and our two rugrats to the Kids Business Bbq event. I wasn’t on the guest list as the blogger that I am just as a plus one, but my sister (the pushy little thing that she is) told me to “suck it up and introduce myself” to a few of the brands there. This I did, albeit very nervously, and I actually quite enjoyed myself!

After tasting some really yummy food and talking with some interesting brands I found myself and my sister staring with our mouths open at the gorgeous dyson stand. Now I am a huge fan of these guys and their technology. I have had the iconic yellow vacuum for over 4 years now and I will honestly never change brand. In fact recently the poor thing had a motor breakdown and I was so pleased that it could be fixed rather than me saying goodbye to my old faithful. Yup. What a life of excitement I lead.

So after a chat with the dyson rep about this blog and my life in sunny, hot WA, I was given one of the new, crazy looking Dyson fans, the Dyson Air multiplier desk fan (at about 60cm tall it’s bigger than any desk fan I’ve ever seen!).

Now this fan is bladeless. BLADELESS! I’m at a loss to explain the technology behind this (though it even impresses the engineer hubby), but what i do know is this is a fantastic invention for those of us with children. I speak from experience of Rory grabbing at this fan while in his room. He knocked it over (it’s not very heavy) and stuck his little hand in the middle and not a thing happened. Imagine what could have happened with blades???!!!

This fan has spent most of our summer in bubs room where the temps can reach 29 degrees even at night and it’s been such a lifesaver for his quality of sleep and my peace of mind. It’s quiet, it rotates, pivots, has a remote control, uses less energy than regular fans to run and even has a timer so you don’t have to let it run all night.

It is on the expensive side though retailing at $299, so it probably wouldn’t be a priority purchase for us but as far as fans go it’s 100% the gold plated version and is priced according  to the clever technology that went into it and the brand.

Do you own a Dyson? What’s your fave?

Thank you Dyson!


See it here http://www.dyson.com/fans/desk/am06-10-range/am06-desk-fan-10-black-nickel.aspx

Please note that I was gifted the Dyson fan mentioned in this post for the purpose of review!

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