So today I’ve been thinking about family. Nothing serious or sad just how nice it is to have them. 

Laying in bed today and yesterday with a horrendous bout of the cold (why do they call it the common cold? I don’t feel particularly common, rather more spectacularly exhausted and stuffy!) I’ve been so thankful to my fella for allowing me to lay and wallow in my own misery while he takes care of our littlelest family member.

I made my mums chicken soup recipe via many text messages with her today and it reminded me just how much we rely on our mums for TLC but never more than when we are sick. 

A few moons ago I came up against the British immigration authority (mostly a misunderstanding but pretty scary all the same) and my man flew half way around the world and pulled out all the stops to rescue me. He showed that day just how dedicated he was to me, and in the years that have followed, he’s shown that again and again as we moved country, spent years trying to make our own family and constantly supporting me in a way that only he could know was exactly what I have needed.

He also gave be the gift of his family and I adore them as much as my own. They welcomed me with open arms from the first meeting and I feel honestly that his dad is also mine.

Miles away from my own crazy fantastic siblings and mum here and when overseas I’ve learned to rely on him for most of my needs and him me. We are a great pair and he is my better half in every way.

Families. It doesn’t matter how they were built or who you’ve chosen (or got stuck with)  but we can’t do without them. And who would want to! 


5 thoughts on “Family

  1. Aww Cat, that was beautiful. I’m so glad you are happy, it couldn’t happen to a nicer more genuine person. I wish Oz wasn’t so far away 🙂

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