Paris? Dont mind if I do…

We are off to the city of lights tomorrow morning – I cant wait! Last time we went we did the mad dash through the touristy sights – this time around Mike is doing the marathon and we are going with our friend KB, and hoping to meet another friend Claire as well.

This trip im aiming for shopping! In particular the older, vintage sections where I can pick up some costume jewellery etc. Im also gonna knock down the french department stores and eat in LaDuree ( as well for some expensive macaroons and hot chocolate.

As it will be a post birthday weekend, we are planning a fancy night out – Dinner somewhere fab and french, and some dancing or drinking somewhere else! Any tips?

I cant wait! Now for the tricky packing part – Paris is simple but stylish I found, so packing needs to be the same – blazer, flat shoes and boots, nice dress for evening and skinny jeans and scarf! Better start packing!


2 thoughts on “Paris? Dont mind if I do…

  1. The second or third time around through Paris is always great, now that you’ve already done the obligatory touristy mad dash thing. Now it’s all about cooling down a bit, taking some leisurely strolls and letting some of the city come to you this time. Btw I haven’t confirmed this yet, but I heard one blogger claim that the café inside LaDurée is the closest thing he’s found to an authentic English tea room, and he’s British so that’s saying something.

    Have a great time in Paris!

    • Bonjour! I cant wait to be back tomorrow soaking it all in again. My husband is running the marathon Sunday so that’s about as not-tourist like as you can get I think! 🙂

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